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Space Armada: Galaxy Wars

Space Armada: Galaxy Wars

Online strategic space shooter! Conquer the galaxy with your spaceship fleet!
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Zedaph 25
Zedaph 25
Pretty good game Nice controls Good graphics too for a game that's just 100mb Though there aren't a lot of game modes I suggest adding a game mode where each team has bases and who's base first get destroyed loses Or a friend function so that if a add a player we can both play games together or privately chat Or adding a chat function in battle so that a player can talk to it's teammates or chat with the enemy Overall it's a very good game just lacking features
Posted 3 months ago
T. Pierce
T. Pierce
Heavily dissappointed!!! Typical pay2win game ( no problem so far), but: - Payable ships/modules are much better than usual ones and rediculously overpriced. - it is single player, not multiplayer! It pretends to be a multiplayergame, but it isnt No incoming networktraffic, bots as players with endless random generated names, - pictures shown are from another game; - I bought a small ship, after 3 days I am no longer able to login. No error message, no replies from devs, no reaction at all.;
Posted 5 months ago
Robert Wang
Robert Wang
Fun facts, the icon is litteraly a screenshot from another game called Star Citizen (aka Squadron 49), the vessel in this pic is called Avenger. definitly check out that wonderful game on pc platform if you got a powerful pc. Now, as you already know at this point, a game that doesn't give a slight fc about copy rights tells u the quality of its content lol
Posted 4 months ago
Angus Downing
Angus Downing
I used to love this game, I played it a lot and it was incredibly fun, but now the entire game feels like watching a loading screen, this may just be my device but it could just be the new update. Deeply disappointed.
Posted 5 months ago

Space Armada: Galaxy Wars Description

In Space Armada, you are the captain of an interstellar spaceship. Your galactic fleet starts out with a small cruiser, but as your space base develops, you’ll get to control battleships and even supermassive space cruisers!
Start with a small spaceship, but as your base grows and develops, you’ll graduate to commanding huge battleships and super-heavy spaceships. Battle in a galaxy on fire online with real opponents in the multiplayer Space Wars game mode, and develop your space fleet.


≛ 6 classes of spaceships and galactic starships!
Several classes of spaceship, from light frigates to supermassive cruisers!

≛ Leagues and Leaderboards!
Players are divided into different leagues from bronze to diamond, depending on their level and skills!

≛ Galactic team battle!
Space invaders! Fight side by side with other players in team-based galactic battles online!

≛ Customize your cosmic spaceship!
100+ types of plasma galaxy guns and modules are available. You can even repaint your ship!

≛ Over 20 galactic spaceships!
More than 20 different ships available, all with their own capabilities and features, including the Predator, Phoenix, Olympus, Soul Catcher and many others. Improve your skills and equipment, add turrets, missiles and special weapons!

≛ Beautiful 3D graphics!
Perfectly detailed maps and spacecraft textures, enjoy galactic views of cosmic objects such as Jupiter, Mars, Saturn, asteroids and even galactic cities!

Space Armada The most dynamic space simulator yet, space battles between massive ships and small but sneaky frigates, each one controlled by individual players.

★★★ Fight for a place in a global league. Upgrade your fleet. Customize your ships, repaint them and improve their skills!

★★★ In-game lobby where you can chat with other players to share your successes and ideas!

★★★ Regular updates and new elements are waiting for you in online multiplayer games. This year’s best graphics and perfectly-matched audio will have you spending all your time playing Space Armada!

★★★ Awesome mobile space game with 3D graphics!

★★★ Our multiplayer PvP space shooter is completely FREE to download!

A galaxy on fire full of epic space battles needs a commander like you! Become a legend in this galactic space shooter! Let the spaceship battles begin!

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