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脱出ゲーム -新館- やすらぎの湯からの脱出

脱出ゲーム -新館- やすらぎの湯からの脱出

"Yasuragi no Yu" we are patronizing everyone since daily We have opened a new building this time.
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脱出ゲーム -新館- やすらぎの湯からの脱出 Screenshots

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Yue HotaruHaibara
Yue HotaruHaibara
Great game, I love all your games. But I could not download escape game PHANTOM because it is not available in my country, Malaysia. Please make an update so I could continue to play your games.
Posted 2 years ago
CJ Cheung
CJ Cheung
Good game and if can translated to English will be better.
Posted 2 years ago
kato kirikojapan
kato kirikojapan
Posted 2 months ago
Posted 1 month ago

脱出ゲーム -新館- やすらぎの湯からの脱出 Description

"Escape game - New building - escape from Yasuragi no yu"

"Yasuragi no Yu" we are patronizing everyone since daily
We have opened a new building this time.

In order for customers to enjoy relaxation and relaxation
We prepared a calm room.
Please, please relax and enjoy yourself.

▼ Features ▼
● This work is a stage type, solving mysteries prepared for each stage.
● Because there are hints and answers that are divided for each stage,
Beginners can also enjoy until the end.
● You can play all stages for free.

▼ How to play ▼
● Tap to check.
● Tap the item field and select the item.
● Items can be enlarged by tapping again while selecting.
● Select the menu button on the screen and call up the menu.
● Is it on the screen? You can see hints and answers from buttons.

★ Point of capture ★
● Let's tap everywhere on the screen.
● Let's observe all the items.
● Items may be combined.
● Let's not miss out all information available in the game.

★ Recommended points ★
● Recommended for those who like beautiful scenery and travel.
● Of course it is recommended for those who like solving puzzles, escape games.
● There are also two tips and answers, so it is recommended for beginners as well.

★ Let's play. Features ★
Sticking to the volume of 1 stage, I adopted a little "playful".

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