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Microbioz India is monthly magazines of Biological sciences basically cover Research news information of Microbiology, Biotechnology and Medical sciences. The magazine published on monthly basis by Microbioz India digital news media company .It was Kumaar Jeetendra who starts a blog site named “Microbioz India” for delivering admission and scholarships updates for Microbiology and Biotechnology students in September 2013 after appreciation of our unique readers and followers we Mr.Kumaar decided to start providing research news information collected from worldwide sources basically from Microbiology and Medical sciences. And this is time when name of Microbioz India came into picture on January 2014 with a range of 20K followers and visitors of site Microbioz India.

After all getting continuous positive response and appreciation Microbioz India decided to launch a Magazine which covers and attracts a specific readers and followers from all around the world. The first issue of magazine entitled: “Killer Microbes” launch in March 2014.Contents of Magazine basically focus on current researches on Microbiology which includes health related issues and researches climate change Indian Agriculture research and more as Biotech and Pharma business news updates.

To create unique concentration of our all those readers come in student category magazine started to provide Scholarships and Cross word games in each issue magazine. The cost of magazine is very effective and valuable for students, University libraries and industry owners.

The contents,researches and news coverage submitted in Microbioz India is strictly meet the requirement of current status of Science and technology and more as creating awareness about heath issues,Climate change which in turn play an important role to update our readers who stay connected with us.

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