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Yelp: Find Food, Delivery & Services Nearby

Yelp: Find Food, Delivery & Services Nearby

Discover which restaurants are now open for reservations, takeout, or delivery!
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Tom Campbell
Tom Campbell
Best way to describe my experience is horribly disappointed. We've been coming to sweet and savory for Years..We have been out of the state for about a year and returned recently. SO we decided to return to our favorite local restaurant and that decision lead to this review.I guess paying your server's 15 dollars hourly means poor service .TO THE MANAGEMENT THIS WILL BE OUR LAST TIME IN.REMEMBER ADDITUDE REFLECTS LEADERSHIP.ILL BE SURE TO TELL ALL OF MY FRIENDS ABOUT THIS SAD EXPERIENCE...
Posted 3 months ago
Dr. DP Banks
Dr. DP Banks
That last update on 4/14/21 was flawed. The app isn't working properly. I'm experiencing what others have already stated. The app closes immediately once I attempt to engage in it. Specifically with responding to messages.
Posted 3 months ago
Thomas Barr
Thomas Barr
There's so many great things to say about Yelp. I own a business and found it by mistake as I happen to answer telemarketer calling me and it happened to be a quieter week so I usually will answer and have some fun with them but I wasn't even aware that you had given me $300 of free advertising and being that I'm in the air condition business in the weather got better a week or two later and on the first hot day I got 27 new customers from Yelp. And I must say that Yelp customers are wonderful
Posted 3 months ago
Christopher Edwards
Christopher Edwards
The Yelp *website* is working fine, I wanted to read the entirety of a review and they told me I had to install this app. I can't even search because it can't load anything beyond the very first page of the app. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling the app and I get the same exact problem, I search for a restaurant and I get nothing but a loading screen. I have a solid connection, too. I immediately went and streamed a full HD video to make sure my internet wasn't the issue.
Posted 3 months ago

Yelp: Find Food, Delivery & Services Nearby Description

Yelp has over 199 million business and restaurant reviews worldwide. Whether you’re looking for a new pizzeria, a great coffee shop nearby, a new salon, or the best handyman in town, Yelp is the city and travel guide to finding the perfect places to eat, shop, drink, relax, visit and play.

Read online reviews, browse photos and menus, order takeout from favorite spots, make reservations, see hours, locations, and other important information for any business you’re looking for.

Yelp puts great local businesses right at your fingertips. Discover new foods, hot spots, places for shopping and local businesses near me! While traveling or at home. Plus, order delivery or pickup.

Yelp features:
🍕 Local Eats: Find Restaurants and Food Delivery Near Me 🍕
• Yelp shows all the newest, hottest and top rated places to eat and bars to drink nearby
• Dine at local restaurants for breakfast, lunch and dinner, or order to go
• Order timely food delivery
• Make reservations, book a table, order pickup or food delivery, view restaurant menus
• Read reviews from other Yelp users and scroll through photos to help you decide where to go
• Get amazing deals for dining and delivery places nearby, plan dinner reservations for trips in advance

✍️ Review, Discover, and Add Photos 📸
• Discover local events, businesses and services like body shops and hair salons
• Look up addresses and phone numbers for businesses near me
• Read and write reviews, check-in to local businesses, upload photos and add tips for other Yelp users
• Browse photo galleries and add photos to share experiences
• Redeem great check-in offers in the area or sign up for cash back

🚗 Find Shops Around Me, Get Quotes, and Hire Professionals 🛠
• Find the coolest stores and top rated body shops complete with customer reviews and contact info
• Hire local professionals for home renovation, car repair, car transport, landscaping, moving, and other services
• Get quotes from professionals, message contractors nearby, and book appointments with a click
• Read millions of user reviews and recommendations by the Yelp community
• Filter searches by neighborhood, distance, rating, price, location, and hours of operation

💅 Beauty - Pamper Yourself 💇
• Find highly-rated salons, spas, massage therapists, acupuncturists, and offers around me
• Book appointments through Yelp at the most relaxing staycation destinations or find deals when traveling

🔍 Search Filters 🔍
• Filter search results by neighborhood, distance, rating, price, open now, and other specifics like good for groups, full bar, cuisine type etc.
• Look up addresses and phone numbers, call a business, order food delivery and make quick reservations directly from the Yelp app
• Find the top rated food, hotels or hiring services nearby or in cities like New York, Chicago, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Houston, Phoenix, Philadelphia

🍩 Features 🎨
• Read millions of expert user reviews and browse photos of each business
• Write and read online reviews, check-in to local businesses, order pickup or delivery, upload photos, book appointments, find a new activity, and add tips for other Yelp users
• Use Yelp as a food and travel guide for eating, drink, things to do, to see, to shop and relax
• Set your location settings to get push notifications that are relevant to your interests—no matter where you are or where you go.

Need Help? Contact Yelp at https://www.yelp-support.com/?l=en_US
Note: Continued use of GPS running can dramatically decrease battery life. Your location data also may be used in our analytics.

This software uses code of FFmpeg (http://ffmpeg.org) licensed under the LGPLv2.1 (http://www.gnu.org/licenses/old-licenses/lgpl-2.1.html) and its source can be downloaded here: https://github.com/Yelp/ffmpeg-android

Find top local restaurants, bars, hotels, events and other things to do around me, read customer reviews, order pickup or delivery, and search for services near me, all from the Yelp app.

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