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Katan - Photos on TV

Katan - Photos on TV

Katan adds a large TV screen to your photography experience....
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Katan - Photos on TV Description

Katan adds a large TV screen to your photography experience. It makes mobile photography more comfortable, social, and fun. See photos better yourself, and discuss them with family and friends while enjoying your time around a TV!

Katan offers the full photography workflow, from selection to adjustments, with a large TV screen. It works directly with the Photos library, and the iCloud library (if enabled). Katan adjustments are non-destructive, all the image settings are saved in the Photos library. They are synchronised between your devices with the enabled iCloud photo library. You can open adjusted images later in Katan or in Photo Sense, and keep working from where you left, on any iOS device!

Katan works over your local Wi-Fi network with:
• Apple TV
• Many modern smart TVs, for example Samsung, LG, Sony, Panasonic, and Philips TVs
• Chromecast
• Android TV
• Other devices supporting DLNA or Google Cast

Please download Katan for free and check if your device and network setup are supported.

Feature highlights:

• Show photos on TV screen
• Play slideshow
• Compare multiple photos side by side
• Zoom in to inspect details
• Zoom in two images side by side to compare details
• Mark library photos as favorite, delete unsuccessful ones
• Enhance photos using automatic and / or manual adjustments
• Crop, straighten, transform images
• Give photos an artistic touch with creative effects
• Copy image settings and use presets to save time

And whatever you do, see the result immediately on a large TV screen!

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