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Pdf 2 Jpg

Pdf 2 Jpg

[Pdf 2 Jpg] is a utility app which enables you...
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Pdf 2 Jpg Description

[Pdf 2 Jpg] is a utility app which enables you to convert individual PDF pages to JPG images.

You can select any specific PDF pages you want to convert.

For instance, you might have a big PDF file which has 100 pages or more. You can extract only 10 important pages from the file and convert each page to JPG images with this app.

• Import PDF files from iOS [Files] app, which supports iCloud Drive, Dropbox and many more storage services.
• Import PDF files from iTunes file sharing.
• Import PDF files from Email.
• Download PDF files from URL address.
• Select individual PDF pages you want to convert to JPG images.
• Preview PDF pages before conversion.
• Convert selected PDF pages to JPG images of high resolution.
• Save converted JPG images to iOS Camera Roll.
• Share converted JPG imgaes.
• Export converted JPG images to iTunes file sharing.

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