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مستشفى الاطفال - مكالمة وهمية

مستشفى الاطفال - مكالمة وهمية

A program specifically designed for parents to treat some of their children’s behaviors
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Mrehan Hesham
Mrehan Hesham
i don love it foooooooooooo foooooooooo
Posted 10 months ago
Meral wasfy
Meral wasfy
بجد جميله جدا و سعدت بنتي تسمع الكلام ❤🎉
Posted 1 year ago
Judy Ahmed
Judy Ahmed
حلو بس لو فية لهجات تانية هيبقى احسن
Posted 9 months ago
IMPROVE Yourself
IMPROVE Yourself
برنامج كويس اوي لتوعية الأطفال
Posted 8 months ago

مستشفى الاطفال - مكالمة وهمية Description

The Children's Hospital is the first application of its kind based on the principle of fake calls with its specialized doctors in a virtual hospital
As this application aims to cultivate or motivate boys and girls through its daily behaviors.
The most and largest application that includes the various behaviors of the son during the day, as it contains more than 40 recorded calls for both sexes.
The scenarios are professionally designed and written in order to refine the behavior in an educational and thoughtful manner, in addition to that there are other calls to motivate and encourage doing good deeds.
The calls were recorded with the best voice of the foal and specialists and within professional studios to be recording as close as possible to the real call, and the calls were recorded to the boys with the voice of a doctor and the calls to the girls were recorded in the voice of a doctor, so that they would be closer to them to cultivate or motivate them.
When you open the application, you will have several options, the first of which is choosing the gender, whether it is a boy or a girl, then you will choose the general behavior of it, is it troublesome or sharing.
If you choose riot, you will see a long list of everyday behaviors that the naughty boy performs:
He does not want to wake up
He does not want to eat
He wants unhealthy food
Doesn't brush his teeth
The mobile is used a lot
He does not want to shower
He does not want to take medicine
Screaming and crying
He watches TV a lot
He plays video games a lot
He wants to get out of the house
He does not want to sleep

If you choose Alshater, you will see a long list of calls that were specially prepared for stimulation, namely:
I wake up actively
Eat well
Brush his teeth
The mobile is used regularly
Take a shower and get clean
He takes medication regularly
Stop screaming and crying
He watches TV regularly
He plays video games regularly
He heard the words and stayed home

In the end, we hope that you use this application in sound educational ways and at appropriate times in order not to intimidate your children from the hospital or from the doctor, we hope that the application will gain your admiration and evaluation as you deem appropriate.

*** Warning ***
It must be noted that all rights reserved and documented for the developer of this application, and any attack on the program files will be prosecuted for the aggressor legally and act firmly with him.

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